"Yossi" - A Film Review
Date: Monday, January 21 @ 18:39:21 PST
Topic: Entertainment

Eytan Fox's "Yossi" is the heartwarming sequel to his 2002 film "Yossi and Jagger."  The film takes place a decade after the earlier film left off.  "Yossi" reveals the grief and despair that still encompasses the main character, Yossi, as he tries to be a successful surgeon in Tel Aviv despite being haunted by the death of Jagger in Lebanon.  The film takes us through Yossi's own journey to move forward in life, find companionship, and come to terms with his own identity.

"Yossi" contains well acted performances by Ohad Knoller, Oz Zehavi, and Lior Ashkenazi.  Through the film, director Eytan Fox gives us all hope that individuals can move forward from tragedy through the healing power of companionship.

"Yossi" opens January 25 in New York City. 

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