The Flat - A Film Review
Date: Wednesday, October 10 @ 21:30:12 PDT
Topic: Entertainment

Mysteries of the past are discovered when Arnon Goldfinger and his mother Hannah clear out his deceased grandmother’s Tel Aviv apartment in the documentary “The Flat.”  

At first, the documentary details the usual undertaking of cleaning out a deceased relative’s apartment.  Arnon, his siblings, and his mother know very little about their family’s history.  His grandparents grew up in Germany and immigrated to Palestine in the 1930s.  Their family moto was to live in the present and not reflect on the past. However, after Arnon disovers Nazi newspapers containing trips with his grandmother and grandfather, Gerda and Kurt Tuchler, and a Nazi official, Baron von Mildenstein, and his wife, Arnon decides to delve into his past and discover his family’s history.  His grandparents were part of the initial removal of Jews from Germany before the Holocaust and World War II.  German officials were trying to convince Jews in Germany to move to Palestine.  Some Jews immigrated but many remained.  Arnon was shocked to discover that his grandparents remained friends with the Mildensteins after World War II as well as Mildensteins’ own history during and after World War II. 

"The Flat" depicts the curiosity of individuals to research and learn from their own past.  As Arnon goes on his undertaking, the audience will be taken with him and will be as conflicted and as shocked as he is.  Thanks to his journey, audiences all over the world will learn about a part of history that not many people know about.  

"The Flat" opens October 19, 2012.

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